November 2021 update

So, thought I'd update my wordpress - I'm married! *insert party emoji here*We finally said "I Do" on 17th November.It was by no means grand; no professional anything. We just had my parents for the ceremony, and for the dinner we had later on. It was still special though.I will still hope for my outdoor... Continue Reading →

“Tips and well wishes needed”

I see the forces,for what they truly are.Yet I’m reminded,Your heart beats spar.Among the rocks,You lay; chaos within.Jagged into bone,As thin as skin.The cold depths sing;Ungrateful soul.Find your peace hereIn my empty whole.On the borders of safety,You linger.Toes in black sand -A heavy thinker. Your mind’s a raging ocean,No boatman safe to see.Yet here we... Continue Reading →

The Ailing Mind.

The coal reacts;A burning flair.Build me a home,And huddle around.Bake the breadsThat feed an insatiable hunger.Break the breadsTo share our hopes and fears. Lay your head,And listen to the ocean;Come with me instead.I will sing to you,Lull you asleep.Where the only ache,Is a temporary blow. Finding peace,Is such a long road.A black sun,Meets the darkest... Continue Reading →

What We’re Made Of.

You weep.Tears of star-silverFall to the river.Ankle deep.The emotions bubble,Release your struggle. You plead.Please, saviour save me.Wherever thou art,Whomever thou is.Find me, and free me. You believe.But it doesn’t matter,Truth or shatter.Deity versus reality. You stumble.Tread waters on your way,This is a game we play.Release the die. You whimper.One for one snake eyes,Got to improvise.The... Continue Reading →


"Sal din hug og lat den ri og renna Med blinde augo vil du vegen finna Djupt du dreg anden inn – let tankar svinna Langsamt slepp anden fri – i vinden rida" - Lyfjaberg by Wardruna.English translation: "Saddle your soul and let it ride With blind eyes, you’ll surely find the way Draw your... Continue Reading →

Vulnerability and Weary Smiles.

So, without checking, I think the last three submissions should now be out of time, i.e. three more wonderful silent rejections added to my growing number. 21 now, in total. For some it's a lot, for others it's not that many. I suppose that depends on your genre, and... probably many other factors. I'm finding... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt

If you were a Stranger here, the dark clouds that rolled in - flashing and roaring - would send you to your knees in prayer for forgiveness from the Gods, trying desperately to soothe their terrifying anger with promises of 'I'll do better'.But if you asked, then a Homelander would tell you that the Gods... Continue Reading →

Drama In The Neighbourhood

It was 3am when the banging started. Followed by the yelling. It was probably 3:12am when I heard the fleshy smack, and a woman cry out. I cringed. The police would be here soon... They always arrive, but never soon enough.Drugs, I bet. It's always about drugs. Either that, or it's the cheating partners; the... Continue Reading →

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